Generic Instructions for connecting a DVD Player to the Sony Bravia

  1. Plug the DVD Player into a power source.
  2. Connect the DVD Player to the TV. There are two types of commonly used audio/video connections for DVD Players.
    • Composite Video and Audio recognized by yellow, red, and white RCA connectors.
      • Connect the yellow, red, and white RCA connectors to both the DVD Player and the wall outlets. They are color coded at both end of the cable, the DVD Player, and the wall.
    • HDMI connection which has Audio and Video in one cable.
      • Connect an HDMI connector to the DVD Player and to one of the wall outlets.
  3. With the Sony TV remote
    1. Press the green POWER button and wait for the TV to turn on
    2. Press the black INPUT button and use the up or down arrow keys to highlight
      • "Video 2" if you are using the composite type of DVD Player.
      • "HDMI 2" if you connected to the upper wall HDMI Connector
      • "HDMI 3" if you connected to the lower wall HDMI Connector
    3. Then push the round Select Button in the middle of the arrows. There is also a time out on the menu system. After about 5 1/2 seconds the TV will select you highlighted menu selection and remove the menu from the screen. If the input selected is not your desired input, simply push the INPUT Button again and find the appropriate video input.
  4. Play the DVD
    • Insert the DVD. You should see the DVD start to play on the TV
  5. You can now use the DVDs remote to control the playing of the DVD.
    • The buttons on the DVDs front panel may also be used to control the playing of the DVD but some fuctions that are available with the remote may not be available from the front panel buttons.

You can adjust the sound level played to the room with the Sony TV remote.